LIFE Published February21, 2017 By Staff Writer

iPhone 8 Latest News: Is Upcoming iPhone 8 Too Expensive?

Deutsche Bank analysts say the price of a "next generation" iPhone, called the iPhone 8, will go up to $ 1,000. "It's too expensive even to the point it will shrink demand."

According to Barron's report on Tuesday, analyst Sherry Ribner of Deutsche Bank said that the advertisement for iPhone 8 is too much.

This year, the iPhone is celebrating its 10th birthday, and there is a strong expectation that Apple is preparing a special iPhone. The new iPhone will be called "iPhone 8" or "iPhone X" and is expected to cost more than $ 1,000.

"The price of next generation iPhones is expected to be between $ 900 and $ 1000," said Scribner analysts.

"Smartphones with an average unit price of over $ 700 were only 10 percent of the total market last year, down 19 percent from last year," he said.

"Apple is a good seller of high-end mobile phones, but many consumers can not afford to pay $ 1,000 for the new iPhone, as the average unit price of mobile phones in the fourth quarter of last year was $ 303."

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