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Weight Loss Solution: Put Butter In Your Coffee

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Trying a new diet fad that will help you lose weight? Are you a coffee lover? Well, this may be good news for you. A new caffeine craze is swirling across countries recently due to its weird concept. It is called 'bullet-proof coffee' or 'fat black' wherein they combine coffee and butter in a 'breakfast-in-a-cup'.

It is claimed to be able to boost energy and lose weight. However, they want to emphasize that it is not just an ordinary coffee or butter. The butter should be unsalted and grass-fed while the coffee beans have to be low-toxin. The coffee beans are not similar to the ones bought in supermarkets or coffee shops.

It is a double espresso blended to a thick froth with a tablespoon each of butter and coconut oil. Well, it may sound as if it may cause diseases like stroke or a heart attack, but it is actually healthy. A new research found out that fat is better for people than sugar. This new fad which started in the United States has reached the United Kingdom.

Many food chains now offer this coffee and some also drink it as a meal substitute. It works by prolonging your energy, sharpens your concentration and focus, burns calories and removes excess body fats. It will make you feel full until lunch time so many people tend to drink it as their breakfast.

Some customers, however, do not like the taste because the mixture produces an odd taste. Sometimes, people claim that they experienced nausea and diarrhea when they tried out the 'meal' for the first time.

This weight loss magic cup has been pioneered by United States entrepreneur Dave Asprey who has once served tea laced with yak butter when he was in Tibet. He was aware that mountain climbers actually used the drink for energy and has been able to sustain concentration and focus. Now, he devised the drink and called it the 'bullet-proof diet'. It is a high fat, low-carbohydrate regiment which can protect the body from fatigue and chronic diseases. In fact, it can also promote weight loss.

The science behind the said drink is rooted to the body using fat as fuel which is called ketosis. The process is now widely known as the ketogenic diet and Atkins diet that are both effective in promoting weight loss. The coffee butter has been effective and it is what made Asprey's diet a success. However, he reiterated that organic coffee is better to be used to make this diet effective.

Asprey's coffee promises an effective way to boost energy and at the same time promote weight loss. The double shot of caffeine would eventually boost metabolism and energy while the fat in butter and coconut oil would slow the digestive process that can prevent sudden energy spike. This makes the coffee has a smoother effect.

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