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The Best Workouts For When You're Tired

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 Senator Birch Bayh exercises with Title IX athletes at Purdue University, ca. 1970s.
(Photo : Birch Bayh Senate Office)

Physical activity, along with proper rest and good nutrition, is an essential component in living a healthy lifestyle. Even just a few minutes of physical exertion can do wonders in boosting energy levels.

And what about occasions when you're simply too tired to exercise? Thankfully, fitness experts have come up with exercises that are doable and feasible for people who feel tired, especially after a day's work.

For those who are tired because of sitting all day, a short but high-intensity interval workout is recommended. A good example is an all-out cycling session for 30 seconds then 4 minutes rest, repeated 8 times.

Research has found that this particular exercise is effective because a single bout of moderate-intensity exercise can help on boosting energy instantly. One study proves this, wherein participants reported feeling more powered after a workout than after eating a candy bar.

According to scientists, this is because exercise creates changes in one or more energy-boosting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Patrick O'Connor, PhD, a professor in kinesiology at the University of Georgia, notes that short exercise routines significantly increase feelings of vitality without tiring one out, a common problem when doing longer workouts.

Being tired can also be a cause of staying sedentary for months. Fitness enthusiasts suggest inviting a friend to join you in a 30-minute brisk walking session. Make it a point to do this regularly instead of in sudden spurts. A few times a week of light brisk walking, as opposed to a heavy session of gym workout that has a month-long interval, can do great wonders to the health.

Studies have shown that individuals who work out on a regular basis feel more energetic than individuals who don't. O'Connor attributes this to a possible combination of hits of energy people get from regular exercise, and the restful sleep that comes along with it, resulting to better overall vitality.

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