HEADLINES Published May5, 2015 By Angela Betsaida Laguipo

A New Synthetic Drug Is In Town, 'Flakka' Has Unknown Side Effects

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Synthetic Drugs
(Photo : Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images News)

There's a new drug in town which is now taking the streets by storm. Flakka is a synthetic drug that is sweeping Florida streets as it becomes popular among teens and adults. It is similar to Ecstacy and bath salts which has unpredictable and potentially fatal side effects.

Reports say that this mind-altering substance has made its way to other states such as Ohio and Texas. According to Pierce Pioneer, one man was seen running in his neighborhood naked and attempted to have sex with a tree. He said to police officers that he is Thor, a mythical god.

Physically, it is also called gravel because it looks like the gravel pebbles found in the aquarium. Mode of intake entails it being smoked, swallowed or snorted. Generally, it can cause many behavioral changes including alterations in body processes.

Since this drug can be bought online for only $5, many arrests in the state were caused by bizarre behaviors caused by flakka. However, what is it made of? Flakka is made of a compound called alpha-PVP, reports Business Insider. This compound is related to cathinon which can be found in bath salts. However, this active ingredient found in bath salts was banned way back in 2011 but the chemical found in flakka was not.

After the 'upper' feelings fade, it can cause rebound which may lead to depression and fatigue. In order to reverse this down feelings, the person will take the drug again. This cycle may cause abuse or addiction.

"I've had one addict describe it as $5 insanity," Don Maines, a drug treatment counselor with the Broward Sheriff's Office in Fort Lauderdale told Mail Online.

"They still want to try it because it's so cheap. It gives them heightened awareness. They feel stronger and more sensitive to touch. But then the paranoia sets in," he added.

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