TEEN HEALTH Published June13, 2015 By Milafel Hope Dacanay

What Is Spice?

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Not all types of marijuana are created equal. Some of them are dangerous they can eventually lead to death.

For the past years, many states and even countries have become more open with cannabis, specifically its manufacture and sale. Many, on the other hand, are consuming it for recreation or medicine.

Then there's Spice. Also known as the Black Mamba or K2, Spice is a different marijuana breed. While others are organically grown, this one is synthetic, which means it can be manufactured in laboratories. It is composed of a variety of herbal mixtures, although it remains unclear what the other possible components are.

A lot of people are now embracing Spice for one reason: it gives users an incredible high. It's more potent or powerful than the regular effects of marijuana. What is more, the effects are described as longer lasting.

The euphoria, however, also has an ugly face. For this year alone, more than 3,000 phone calls had been made on poison control facilities all around the country. At least 15 people, meanwhile, had already died, as confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The drug has the tendency to induce vomiting and lethargy. In the most severe cases, it increases the heartbeat and causes disorientation.  

Many factors are seen for the significant increase of poisoning reports and casualties. One, the drug may have been obtained in countries where regulations concerning manufacture, sale, and distribution of drugs are lenient. Two, as almost everyone now has access to the Internet, users can now purchase Spice online. It's likely that that drug sold in cyberspace is fake. The drug is also currently being sold in various places, including supermarkets.

Granted, some of the major components of the drug are already under class I, which means they are considered prohibited, drug manufacturers can simply alter the compound structure to circumvent the law.

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