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‘Songs Of Experience’ COMING In 2016; U2 Reveals ‘More Rock’ ‘Very Epic’ New Album In The Works

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U2, album, ‘Songs of Experience’
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It's a good year for music as U2 reveals more details of its upcoming new album titled "Songs of Experience" and it will be "very epic."

Legendary band U2 revealed more details of its highly anticipated follow-up album to the "Songs of Innocence" and while fans anticipated a longer waiting time for the arrival of the new album, U2's Bono himself revealed it's not much a long wait after all.

In an interview with EW, Bono shared details of the new album, aptly titled "Songs of Experience." Currently, U2 is on tour with "Songs of Innocence" and while relatively busy, the band has committed to working on the new album, "Songs of Experience" while onboard. "We're well into it," Bono shared with EW. "Edge just came up with a cracker the other day! It's provisionally titled 'Tightrope.'"

"It's very epic. It's very up," added the U2 front man on their new album. "And, you know, that's probably what the experience has taught us: to be fully in the moment and that fun is respected, and joy is not to be let go of."

It was last year when U2 released then new album "Songs of Innocence" and the album received mixed reviews from critics, with some fans falling out of love for the band after the stunt with iTunes (automatic adding of the new album in their playlist). According to the same report, when U2 was making "Songs of Innocence," they recognized that the tracks were somewhat disconnected and immediately accepted that another new album was coming, which is now was has been dubbed as "Songs of Experience."

The new album will then definitely be a follow-up to "Songs of Innocence," but upping the ante a bit. A report by Diffuser revealed the Edge (U2's guitar tech) sharing details about the new album, "[The Edge] and Bono are writing and they're trying on another young producer who's really on his game."

"This stuff is more rock and serious, if I may, than the ... Songs of Innocence album," Schoo added.

The new album is currently in development, but reports have already revealed that U2 has been eyeing a 2016 release date.

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