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Want to Get a Good Sleep? Go Naked!

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It's time to ditch your PJs and flannel gowns. Some experts say that if you want to get the best sleep, there's no other way to do it than to wear our birthday suit.

How can being naked be awesome to your body and, of course, your sleep? First of all, it allows you to maintain the best body temperature. You see, the body has its own internal clock, and it normally depends on your genetics, the way your body perceives light, etc. At night, for example, the body's temperature drops, making you feel more relaxed and ready to snooze.

However, when the brain senses that the body isn't "cool" yet, it activates itself, which can prevent you from sleeping longer or well. By wearing nothing, there's nothing that can generate heat, forcing your brain to wake up.

Most definitely, sleeping naked can give you a happier love life. For one, it gives you, your partner, or both of you a perfect excuse to get steamy and initiate foreplay that will hopefully lead to sex. Most of all, you'll feel more confident of your skin; in other words, it helps you deal with body image issues, which can actually place a huge strain in your relationship, especially when it comes to lovemaking.

Women, on the other hand, can get an additional benefit by sleeping naked: it reduces the chances of yeast infection. One of the foremost reasons why a woman develops this type of infection is when the yeast bacteria in the vagina overpopulate. A great environment for them is something moist, which occurs when you wear clothes, even underwear.

But not everyone is comfortable going buck naked when sleeping, whether alone or with someone. You can adapt this lifestyle gradually, or you can choose thinner and more breathable clothing.

Don't forget to monitor the temperature of your limbs too. While it's important for the body to maintain a cool temperature at night, feeling cold in the arms, legs, and feet is a totally different matter as it means you may be having poor blood circulation.    

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