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More Fan Backlash For Arzaylea And Luke Hemmings? 5SOS On 'Sounds Live Feels Live' Asian Tour!

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5 Seconds Of Summer Perform On ABC's 'Good Morning America'
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Arzaylea, who is Luke Hemming's girlfriend, recently opened up in an interview about the non-stop criticism she receives from 5SOS fans, which in turn seemed to have gained her even more backlash, according to Hollywood Take.

"(Luke's fans) want me to be this really horrible person," Arzay said in an interview with Broadly. "But I'm not. I'm just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal."

The two met in August 2015, at Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday party. Arzay's parents, who are in the music business and Jenner's boyfriend Tyga, were at the party. Both have stakes in a headphones company, which makes them business partners.

Arzaylea shared that Luke Hemmings followed her on Twitter a month later and that move got the attention of both paparazzi and 5SOS fans. The bands loyal followers kept on asking on social media who she was.

"People think I use other people for fame, but my parents have been in the music business since I was nine," shared Arzay. "I have a lot of friends who are already well known."

Some of Hemmings' and 5SOS fans have accused her of many things including, being a gold digger, that she sells information about her boyfriend and his band to tabloids, she's rude to their fans and that she's been hired by the band's management to stir controversy.

Arzay's Broadly Vice interviewer found a 14-year old, former hater online named, Olivia.

"I don't know why I sent (Arzay) hate," Olivia admits. "She was the only person I've sent hate to. I guess I was jealous of her. It wouldn't have accomplished anything, and I didn't want her to see it, yet I sent it."

Olivia added that after she watched a Snapchat video of Arzay, she changed her mind and started to like the social media star. She said she realized Hemmings' girlfiend "was normal, not some monster."

Meanwhile, 5SOS' Luke Hemmings have been sending sweet tweets to Arzaylea, while the band is on their "Sounds Live Feels Live" Asian tour, reported MNG.

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