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Katie Holmes News: Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wife Is Secretly Engaged To Boyfriend Jamie Foxx?

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
(Photo : Getty Images Entertainment: Katie Holmes photo by Neilson Barnard/ Jamie Foxx photo by Joe Scarnici)

Rumors of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's secret engagement are creating a buzz these days.

It was after Holmes was spotted wearing a new gold ring that rumors of her alleged engagement with Foxx began to spark. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, Foxx was also spotted sporting a similar bling on his ring finger.

However, Gossip Cop has claimed that the engagement rumors are "completely inaccurate." According to the report, the jewelry was just a simple coincidence and meant nothing in regards to Foxx's relationship with Holmes.

"The marriage rumor is completely false," claimed Foxx's representative.

Recently, there were even rumors which suggested that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx's child.

 "The buzz started around Valentine's Day that she's almost three months along, and that they're having a girl," an insider told OK! magazine.

"Some people think she may have even undergone IVF, but nobody knows for sure. However it happened, there's no doubt they're thrilled about it."

Although Holmes and Foxx reportedly have been dating each other since 2013, they have never publicly confirmed their relationship.

 It is rumored that Jamie is scared to go public with their relationship is because he fears that Katie's ex, Tom Cruise, might do something "crazy."

"Jamie loves Katie so much and he prides himself on keeping his relationship with her private," a source told Hollywood Life.

"That said, if and when he does go there and put a ring on her finger, he's not going to do it publicly. The last thing he wants is Tom going all 'Collateral' on him. Jamie doesn't know Tom's crazy side and he likes to keep it that way. He's heard war stories from Katie about what it's like to be his bad side and he doesn't want that drama."

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