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New Bloody Cast Beefs Up MTV's 'Scream' Casting Crew; Season 2 Premiere Date, Updates Revealed!

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MTV Scream Season 2
(Photo : Screencap, MTV Official Website)

A whole new level of another killing spree, mystery and fresh new faces will be arriving in Lakewood town in time for MTV's "Scream" season 2.

With its looming release date in our heads, MTV and Dimension Television just revealed additional details, including the new cast members and an official premiere date for the season 2 of "Scream," as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Aside from that, the official "Scream" season 2 poster has moreover been unleashed. And guess what? The poster claims that the upcoming season will be grittier and bloodier than fans could ever imagine.

Yes, it will definitely showcase another gruesome murders - heaps of it, actually. Besides, what might "Scream" be without blood and gore?

In any case, the question is, do fans have any idea of who could be the next person that will "Scream" out in terror as an all new wicked Killer is set to finish off the victim's life in a most gruesome way?

In its report, TV Guide noted that the series next potential murder victims lies within the new characters this season - which composed of two regulars and four guest stars.

One of the two regulars is Singer Kiana Lede, who will play Zoe, a fellow competitive high school student which carry a strange secret.

A dark and agonizing guy who loves comic books, serials killers and horror movies named Gustavo Acosta will also be introduced in "Scream" season 2. The said regular character will be played by Santiago Segura.

The four guest stars are Anthony Ruivivar, Sean Grandillo, Austin Highsmith and Karina Logue - its respective character will apparently be a recurring one, where every one of them may either show up in the Lakewood flashbacks or as a bait for the series' new killer.

Indeed, deaths in MTV's "Scream" are inevitable. Not to mention that who might be the next killer is brings the biggest mystery when the series returns with its season 2.

Excited? Make sure to catch "Scream's" first season surviving stars, as they return for another circumvent bloody adventure with its premiere date slated on May 31, 2016.

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