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Sony SmartWatch 3: Product Evolving As a Tough Competitor To LG G Watch R, Moto 360, Huawei Watch Jewel And Many More

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Sony SmartWatch 3
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The world of smartwatches is shaping up and many consumers now prefer to buy a smartwatch instead of a regular watch. Sony SmartWatch 3 is a third generation smartwatch which comes with many unique features. It is giving tough competition to other watches in the same segment.

The Sony Smart Watches connect to an Android smartphone and is liked by many smartwatch lovers. It has the capability to display Twitter feeds, Facebook and gives access to music, favorite apps, SMSes and many other advanced features. Sony SmartWatch 3 was launched at IFA 2014. This is the third generation of its smartwatch series. As per the update on the official website, '' Its processor switched from previous generations' ARM Cortex-M MCU to a ARM Cortex-A CPU.''

Gizmag reported that ''Sony's latest wearable takes a notably different approach than some of its biggest rivals.'' Sony Smartwatch 3 has a modern look coupled with a great technology. The rivals like LG G Watch R, Moto 360, LG Smartwatch Urbane, Huawei Smartwatch Jewel and Elegant, Samsung Gear S2  and Asus ZenWatch might not be able to match some of the features of Sony Smartwatch 3.

''The back panel is made from stainless steel with a premium brushed finish'' reported gizmag. The market segment which this smart watch is targeting is a bit different. ''Sony's new wearable isn't trying to hide in the guise of a traditional watch - it's more of a life-logging fitness product than a jewelry piece'' stated the article.

Digital Trends published as comprehensive review of this watch. ''The SmartWatch 3 is the best square Android Wear watch ever. It's waterproof, slim, stylish, solidly built, and packed with the latest features, including GPS'' is the verdict of this article.

''It has a rectangular screen, separating it from the circular-screened Moto 360 and the G Watch R, making it more reminiscent of the G Watch, and the Samsung Gear 2. Like other Sony wearables, the watch face is the "Core" of the device, and can be removed from the strap entirely'' they further added.

The official website of Sony talked about all the features of this smartwatch. They are asking the users to leave their phones behind especially when they go for their fitness regimes. This compact gadget will give the user an access to almost everything which they are used to do in a phone. The interchangeable straps make this gadget an apt one for the fashion conscious generation too.

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