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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 35 Preview: ‘An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent: Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage’

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According to Youtube account UnrealEntGaming, the previous revelation of episodes 36 to 38's titles were mistranslated which has led now to a revision and full revelation.

As for the episode 36, full title is speculated to be "An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent: Vegeta's Explosion of Rage" which is said to focus on Vegeta's rage upsurge which will be a primary tool for him to defeat Frost via merciless attacks. In the middle of their battle, a new rule will be added wherein according to UnrealEntGaming: "If anyone is to touch the barrier, even in mid-air, it will automatically declare a ring out to the person touching the barrier."

As the game progresses and as soon as Vegeta defeats Frost, he faces Magetta on the ring. During their match, Vegeta will have a hard time bringing damage to the said opponent due to Magetta's body armor and diverse attacks. This forces Vegeta to become a super Saiayan which enables him to get rid of Magetta on the ring.

Succeeding episodes will focus on Vegeta's next match to other opponents like Cobey who will be able to put up a good fight with him. Episode 37 will entirely be focusing in this battle which eventually leads to episode 38 where it's speculated by the source that it's going to be a battle between the mightiest of the mightiest.

In episode 37, UnrealEntGaming said that as of the moment the show suggest Kobey is incapable of transforming anything aside from his base form. But it speculated that during the battle, Kobey may transform into something which will give Vegeta a hard time defeating him.

As mentioned by UnrealEntGaming, these are just speculations based on some information but may still vary by the time the episodes air.

These spoilers will be a follow up to the forthcoming "Dragonball Super" episode 35 airing on March 13.

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