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‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 80 Spoilers: Eren Attacks Colossal Titan From Top Of The Wall!

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Attack On titan
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Chapter 79 of "Attack on Titan" is already available for online reading via D-Manga. The latest chapter continues the story of Titan's attack inside the walls and the challenges the Survey Corps face on how to prevent the Titan's from completely destroying the city. Before any predictions of the upcoming chapters, here's a brief recap of the events.

Bertholt has finally started his attack as he started throwing houses with very minimal effort. The Survey Corps inside the wall with Bertholt sensed that he is actually trying to destroy everything inside they wall. They also have to prevent the Colossal Titan from getting near the walls or else he would just throw everything towards the Survey Corps in the other side.

On the other side of the wall, Levi was asked to rest a bit since the smaller titans could be dealt with by other members of the troops. But even though they are gaining advantage against the smaller titans, Zeke throws stones towards the Survey Corps with deadly consequences.  A relatively small stone from Zeke is like a bomb that can destroy houses. Levi orders the troops to take cover for protection.

Meanwhile Eren was trying to prevent Bertholt from getting near the wall by tackling him at the heels. The chapter ends with the Colossal Titan throwing kicking Eren towards the walls that leaves him unable to continue his fight.

Even though the situation is very bad for the Survey Corps inside the walls, they still have one more weapon they can use against the Colossal Titan: Thunder Spear. They can incapacitate Bertholt through his ankle so he wouldn't be able to walk.

On the other hand, user solidfang on Reddit speculates, "Eren's technically on top of the wall now. If he can get up, he might be able to get a grip on the Colossal Titan from where he is now. If not, he's still in a position to use coordinate on the titans that the Ape Titan controls. I think he can turn the fight."

User Oralyon from  Manga Helpers has the same speculation on Eren's position to end the fight, "Looks like the legion is in deep trouble. As a silver lining, if Eren is still able to fight, he's now on top of the wall, so, within range of Bertholt's neck. Maybe he'll be able to activate the coordinate by punching Bertholt hand like he did with the other titan the first time."

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