TRENDING Published March11, 2016 By Ryan Dawn Umadhay

UFC 200 Rumored Fights: George St-Pierre Returns! Dos Anjos Moving Up Against Lawler?

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Georges St. Pierre
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The recent results of UFC 196 has stage the set for a massive UFC 200 if the fight that 1everybody wants is approved.

The loss of Holly Holm and Conor McGregor in the latest UFC event has certainly made things a lot more interesting for the massive event for the MMA promotion company. But aside from Holm and McGregor, there are other names that are getting lots of attention that could make an appearance in the octagon.

One of the biggest names rumored to be part of the UFC 200 is Georges St-Pierre. The Canadian fighter watched UFC 196 and it immediately fueled speculations that the highly skilled MMA champion is ready for more action. According to MMA Junkie, fighter Donald Cerrone issued a challenge to St-Pierre for UFC 200 via twitter. Dana White confirms that they are in talks with GSP but nothing is certain yet.

On the other hand, McGregor is still getting over with his loss to Nate Diaz but more fighters are clamoring for a match with the featherweight champion. Among them is Jose Aldo who wants to face "The Notorious" in the biggest stage for UFC in the coming months. Fan Sided reports that Aldo also issued a challenge to Conor via twitter saying, "Your fairy tale is over. You got nowhere to run now. Time to a rematch..."

Another interesting fight that could give the upcoming event the hype it needs is Rafael Dos Anjos interest in facing Robbie Lawler for the welterweight belt.

According to MMA Mania, "reigning lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos is willing to put his title into storage and move up to the welterweight division to fight 170-pound kingpin Robbie Lawler at the UFC 200 pay-per-view (PPV) event in July." He is taking his cue from McGregor's recent attempt on multiple belts and it would be a very interesting fight if UFC would allow it.

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