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‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 477 Spoilers; Natsu Wakes Up To Face Acnologia?

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Chapter 476 of the popular manga series "Fairy Tail" is already available for reading at Manga Streams. The current chapter is titled "Bid Farewell to Mage Girls" which continues the confrontation of Wendy and Sherria against Dimaria. Before any predictions on the upcoming chapters, here's a recap of the recent events in "Fairy Tail."

Ultear made it clear to Wendy and Sherria of the effects of Third Origin as well as the fact that only one of them could wield the power. The girls argue who gets to have the Third Origin and it looks like Wendy got the power as she attacks Chronos first. However, her attacks were repulsed and her second attack made her temporarily immobile due to physical fatigue.

Before the death blow, Sherria steps in and it was revealed that Ultear granted the power to Sherria while Wendy attacked Chronos. Even though Chronos is a god, Sherria still manages to take her down with her newly acquired power.

The chapter ends with time returning to normal with Wendy healing Carla. Wendy is in tears as she explains to Carla about Sherria's choice to win the battle while losing her magic.

Since the battle of Dimaria versus Wendy, Sherria and Carla is over, the focus of the story will most likely focus somewhere else.

The reddit preview for chapter 477 posted two images and it features none other than Natsu! Finally, the hero is back and he looks more than ready to tackle any challenges. Is Natsu finally facing Acnologia?

SirSamuel016 on reddit also posted his thoughts on the upcoming chapter and it also deals with Ezra, Kagura and Jellal facing Neinhart and Natsu finally coming back. User KnowMe on Manga Helpers has the same predictions, "Kagura freaking over Jellal's presence, the atmosphere develops tension.

Neinhart launches an attack without any warning and tells the group that they should never lose concentration in the middle of a battle field."

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