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Tom Holland To Play As The New Spider-Man? New Suit Already In Place?

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New Spider-Man
(Photo : Screenshot from Marvel's Official "Civil War" Trailer)

Just yesterday, Marvel was able to provide an additional spoiler for the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War" where it gave viewers a glimpse of additional characters like the Black Panther and the new Spiderman in his all new suit.

The clip ended with Spiderman getting rid of Captain America's shield by "webbing" it away from him. The last few seconds also implied that by the time the team splits into two, Spiderman took his side with the Ironman.

So who is he? Who is this new Spiderman debuting in theaters in the next installment of "Captain America?"

As previous reports mentioned, the new Spiderman will be played by British actor Tom Holland who is just 19 years old, News 4 Jax reported.

In addition to the report, though young, Holland already has a bit of experience in the cinema scene. He was able to play several roles and despite being a teenager, he was able to get several credits including the following:  "Wolf Hall," an award-winning miniseries based on Hilary Mantel's novels, and the recently aired "In the Heart of the Sea," movie by Ron Howard which is about the whaleship Essex, whose story became the basis of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick."

Probably, these were considerations made by producers of the next "Spiderman" reboot that made Holland land the prestigious role.

Going back to the new trailer released by Marvel, some viewers aired their comments regarding the new suit of the young Spiderman. Gizmodo, in its report, commented on the seemingly new take of the spider logo situated at the center of the suit. What made the new suit remarkable is the live moving eyes of Spiderman.

Compared to previous movies, it can be observed that Spiderman's eyes never moved realistically as how it moved in the "Civil War" trailer.

What do you think of the new Spider-Man and his suit? Leave your comments below.


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