TRENDING Published March11, 2016 By Romeo Vasquez Jr.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Updates: March 21 Launch Event Announced! New MacBooks Included?

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MacBook Pro
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As expected, Apple has officially announced today a keynote press event coming on March 21, where the newest iPhone and iPad are expected to be introduced. Will the event also unveil the new lineup of MacBooks?

In its report, Mac World said that there's a possibility that that new MacBooks will be introduced during the same March 20 event since Apple often launches new laptops at the same time of the year. The report added that it seems Apple is trying to play down expectations on the Mac front and there are no hints in the circulated invites suggesting a MacBook-related launch, which it usually do in the past.

Mac World also noted in its report that if, indeed, the new Macs will not be introduced in the upcoming press event, chances are: it will be launched in a separate Mac event shortly after the March 20 press event or users will have to wait until the WWDC in June.

And speaking of Apple's cryptic invites, Mac World said that there's a really big possibility that new Apple Watch bands will be introduced on Apple's keynote press event this March 21 following its invite's tagline: "Let us loop you in."

Meanwhile, Christian Today in its report said that the launch of the new MacBook Pro may be imminent as Apple has recently updated its vintage and obsolete products page with at least three iterations. The report highlighted that Apple will now discontinue support for 15-inch MacBook Pro released in 2010, 17-inch MacBook Pro released in mid-2010 and the early 2009 Xserve.

By discontinuing support and by listing the three products as obsolete, Apple will longer give support and parts replacement for the aforementioned products. The report, however, noted, that owners of the three products mentioned may still check service centers for replacement parts and some service providers may also possibly order parts if they are still available in other Apple stores.  

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