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‘Expendables 4’ News: Sequel Set To Start Filming; ‘Expendables’ TV Series In The Works?

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The Expendables
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Fans have been waiting for some real news about the much-awaited fourth installment of the hit all-star action franchise, "Expendables 4" and now The Arnold [Schwarzenegger] Fans have confirmed that according to American actor Randy Couture, the sequel will start filming this fall.

According to the blog Flickering Myth, Randy Couture confirmed the news to The Arnold Fans during the Arnold Sports Festival held at Columbus, Ohio.

"At the #ArnoldSportsFestival, Randy Couture confirms 'Expendables 4' starts filming this fall #schwarzenegger," The Arnold Fans posted on Twitter last Mar. 10.

Yibada, however, noted in its report that although the Twitter post by The Arnold Fans has the name of Schwarzenegger tagged on it, there has been no confirmation from the actor or the team's leader, Sylvester Stallone.

Fans are still awaiting confirmation whether Sylvester Stallone would still be on board for "Expendables 4." Early this year, rumors started to circulate the Web about Stallone probably dropping "Expendables 4" after his Golden Globe award and his Oscar nomination for his Rocky Balboa role in "Creed."

The rumors actually about Stallone dropping his "Expendables" role as Barney Ross actually started when close friend and former "Expendables" star Terry Crews made a comment about the veteran action star's role in "Creed." This made some fans speculate that instead of "Expendables 4," Stallone will pursue a "Creed" sequel.

"I'm just thinking he's got options now," Terry Crews said. "He should think about what his next move is going to be, what he's going to do. 'Creed' was amazing. It showed his depth and he's a lot deeper than people always give him credit for."    

According to Day Herald, there is still a good chance that Sylvester Stallone will be appearing in "Expendables 4" knowing that the franchise is his brainchild and fans have been used to see him as Barney Ross, hence replacing him may not work out well.

Meanwhile, Flickering myth also mentioned in its report that an "Expendables" TV Series is possibly in the works, saying that Sly and Avi Lerner may be producing an event series which would "unite iconic TV stars as a new team of highly-skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist."

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