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DJI Phantom 4 Updates: Drone Programmed To Avoid Any Type of Obstacle?

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Phantom 4
(Photo : DJI)

Unveiled recently, DJI's Phantom 4 is the sequel of its previous model, Phantom 3.

The drone-maker described Phantom 4 as a "unibody drone" which can detect and avoid obstacles. It can shoot very sharp videos 360 degrees, in all directions.

According to Pocket-Lint, the Phantom 4 has a new camera lens which allows capture of sharper images, and an Obstacle Sensing System which gives it the capability to avoid obstacles such as trees. The technology behind its "obstacle sensing" capability is its two forward-facing optical cameras and two sensors installed underneath to scan for object.

This capability is further elaborated by Pocket-Lint by discussing that the drone's system uses data collected to automatically command the Phantom 4 to move around things situated in its flight path. Furthermore, it the drone is unable to avoid something, it will automatically just hover and wait a cue from the user. It is able to sense up to 50 feet away and over 30 feet underneath.

Another feature which makes the Phantom 4 an exceptional drone camera is the ActiveTrack. This enables the drone to follow and shoot a video of a subject you desire to take a video of. Phantom 4 also has a Sports Mode which allows the drone to reach a speed of 45 MPH.

In terms of its unibody design, the Phantom 4 as described by Pocket-Lint, is lighter and durable than aluminum. Its body has aerodynamic lines which allows to reach maximum speed with use of lesser power.

Overall, the superb drone has a flight time of more than 28 minutes, a flight range of over 5 kilometers and is programmed to adapt to its surrounding through its advanced sensing capabilities.

These fancy features can be availed at a cost of around $1,399.95 which is $150 more than its predecessor, the Phantom 3.

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