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Hilary Duff Exposed Miley Cyrus On Tinder: Cyrus’s Lesbian Orientation Exposed? Was It Just For Fun?

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Singer Hilary Duff and singer Miley Cyrus arrive at the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award dinner Honoring Disney Music Group Chairman Bob Cavallo held on September 27, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo : Alberto E. Rodriguez | Getty Images News)

Recently Hilary Duff was once again topping the charts of the gossip columns due to her presence on celebrity dating app Tinder. Apparently she bumped into the profile of Miley Cyrus and the grapevine started speculating many stories. The lesbian tendencies of Cyrus too were dug out. So was it a real feud or a publicity stunt?

Distractify reported in details about the situation. Recently Duff divorced her husband Mike Comrie, however the duo was spotted at a cozy dinner. The social media was abuzz with the speculations of the duo's possibility of coming back together. However, Duff also created a profile on the celebrity dating app Tinder to keep her options open.

Miley Cyrus was last reported dating Liam Hemsworth. Hollywoodlife talked about the beginning of the feud. ''It looks like Miley Cyrus was doing some swiping on Tinder when she stumbled upon Hilary Duff's profile. She thought it was so funny that she shared a screenshot on Instagram!'' This brought back many speculations of Miley's past where she was known for dating women. ''Miley has been known to date women, as she was caught making out with girlfriend Stella Maxwell in 2015, and was flirting with her on Instagram on Mar. 4.''

People talked about the friendship between Duff and Cyrus. "This industry is a tough one to crack, but then I look at someone like Miley, and as crazy people might think the whole thing is, I commend her," Duff Clarified. Pridesource has the details of the interview.

People also talked about Cyrus not being active on Tinder anymore. Au lifestyle talked about the reasons behind Hilary joining this app. ''Hilary, 27, revealed she joined the love matchmaking app last year to promote her single 'Sparks'.''

So was this just for fun and there is no feud between Duff and Cyrus? Are they still friends? Find out more in the upcoming articles from YHM. 

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