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‘Kuroko No Basket’ Season 4 Release Date: Upcoming Season To Feature A United Generation Of Miracles?

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'Kuroko No Basket' Poster
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"Kuroko no Basket" is one of the most popular sports-related animes in recent years. It chronicles the life of Tetsuya Kuroko who currently studies in Seirin High and plays basketball against his former teammates from junior high.

It's a high octane sports story that mostly focuses on the game with some interesting backstory especially on Kuroko's relationship with former teammates.

The series started in 2012 and concluded its 3rd season in 2015. Immediately after the end of the season, fans are looking for answers on the upcoming iteration of anime TV series. According to, "The company Production I. G. hasn't yet made any official statements with regards to season 4 of Kuroko's Basketball, but we think a lot of facts imply that it will happen soon." 

The popularity of the anime TV series is not just reflected on the fans of the series. According to My Anime List, "'Kuroko no Basket' also has a series of light novels, audio CDs, and several games for the Nintendo 3DS. Kuroko also appears in the crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory VS."

With the actual release date of the TV series still unknown, a good way to know the estimated release date is to learn the timeline of each series. Based on the episode list of the anime on its wikia fan page, the series often takes a break from 10 months to one year from the final episode. The season finale of "Kuroko no Basket" was last June 2015 which could mean that the new series is just a few months away.

The upcoming season of the anime TV series is going to be highly anticipated as Seiren High is going to face new and tougher challenges along the way. Fans are also curious on the implication of the final episode as Kuroko has now a reunion picture of his former teammates in his locker.

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