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‘The Mummy’ 2017 Cast: Jake Johnson, Annabelle Wallis Join Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella

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Jake Johnson
(Photo : Larry Busacca l Getty Images Entertainment)

More names are officially tagged to Universal's reboot of the classic monster film, "The Mummy," which is expected to debut the new monsters universe of Universal.

In its report, The Wrap said that "New Girl" star Jake Johnson will be starring alongside Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella in the reboot of "The Mummy" currently slated for a June 9, 2017 release. Jake Johnson, according to the report, will play a member of the military although details to his character are still kept under the wrap.

Jake Johnson is known for his work in Fox's hit TV series, "New Girl;" he had also appeared in "Jurassic World," "Let's Be Cops," and "Neighbors."

Shortly after the confirmed appearance of Jake Johnson, Variety confirmed that "Peaky Blinders" star Annabelle Wallis will also be on board for the reboot. According to the report, Annabelle Wallis will be taking on the female lead role for the film. Together with Tom Cruise, they will be facing off Sofia Boutella, who is set to play the iconic monster.

Alex Kurtzman will be helming the "Mummy" reboot and will be producing alongside Chris Morgan and Sean Daniel. Jon Spaihts is penning the script and according to reports, unlike Brendan Fraser's installments, "The Mummy" 2017 will be set in the modern times.

"The Mummy" starring Tom Cruise is expected to launch Universal's Monsters Cinematic Universe, a shared universe that may involve original classics like "Frankenstein," "Dracula," "The Wolf Man" and "Jurassic Park."

Many fans, however, are still not convinced of the project. In its report, SlashFilm wrote, "Everytime I write about Universal's plan to revive their classic monsters in a big shared universe that will allow the iconic monsters share adventures and what-not, I get a little apprehensive."

"After all, those original movies are sacred ground. They are holy texts. These movies are a cornerstone of my modern self. They're my church," it added.      

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