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Apple Watch 2 Release Date: Device To Be Launched This Fall? To Sport ‘Care Events’ Detection Feature?

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Apple Watch
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When Apple first introduced its smart watch, various reviews from consumers and researchers surged. Some questioned Apple's inability to define the purpose of the smart watch, while others pinpointed some design flaws.

According to Fast Company, Ben Bajarin, principal analyst at Creative Strategies claimed the tech firm to provide a solution to the above mentioned issues.

"They'll address the typical pain points of the hardware first."

IDC Analyst Tom Mainelli even commented: "I wear the watch every day, but I rarely use any third-party apps because performance is still an issue."

Hopefully, majority of these issues will be addressed in their upcoming Apple Watch 2, slated to be released this fall.

In terms of new features, some reports noted that the Apple Watch 2 is set for something remarkable once released.

In a report by Value Walk, it stated that the upcoming watch will enable users to "call out for assistance" in case of urgent situations. The device will be utilizing sensors which will enable to detect if the user needs any form of medical assistance via some health-tracking features. Apple described this situation as "care events" which are specially formed for parents and children.

These situations could be, but not limited to the following: heart attacks, car crashes, and children being separated from their parents.

The report furthermore added that the watch is capable to pattern its user's medical situation on the emergency alerts it will be prompting. The watch will be able to send alerts to immediate family members. In case of very serious situations like lack of heartbeat, the watch automatically contacts 911 or other local emergency numbers.

Aside from this promising feature, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to have a thinner exterior design, a more efficient battery, a set of more accurate sensors and waterproof capabilities, Fast Company added.

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