TRENDING Published March12, 2016 By Romeo Vasquez Jr.

Tom Hardy’s Weird Secret Obsession Revealed! Details Here

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Tom Hardy
(Photo : Frazer Harrison l Getty Images Entertainment)

Tom Hardy may be looking all-tough in his roles in award-winning films "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "The Revenant" but a recent report revealed that the actor has secret obsession with, guess what, ballet!

In an exclusive report, US Weekly said that many times, the 38-year old Tom Hardy gets his off-screen adrenaline rush by doing ballet, the actor's secret passion.

"Tom loves to sneak off by himself to the English National Ballet to unwind," an insider told US Weekly. "He'll throw on a cap so no one notices him."

The report added that while the actor is known for his great passion and love for dogs, the actor wants to keep his passion for ballet a secret.

"He'll sit in the audience just before the show starts," the source added, talking about Tom Hardy attending ballet shows and further revealed that there's at least one person who knows very well about the actor's secret passion. "Sometimes he's brought his mom!"

Meanwhile, Hardy was criticized for his recent ad where the actor is said to be promoting "tombstoning" at a spot where a man died. The ad in question is for Hyundai where Hardy leapt a 30-feet cliff. According to Wales Online, the same spot where Hardy leapt is where 46-year old Delwyn Jones died after "tombstoning" into the water.

The report added that rescuers in the area slammed the advertisement because it promotes the "risky craze" of tombstoning and making their job more difficult.

Berry Head Costguard, in a statement, said: "Tom Hardy is a role model and young people look up to him. It is really sending out the wrong message."

"They obviously didn't do their research about tombstoning very well for the advert, because it is extremely dangerous. Tom Hardy, or his stunt double, wasn't wearing a wetsuit either and it was filmed in October, so the water would have been freezing cold. In the summer months we are always being called out to reports of young people throwing themselves off the cliffs, and often they have been drinking," they added.

A charity, on the other hand, said that the advert leap was carried out to the "strictest safety standards."     

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