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‘Clash of Clans’ March Update: Supercell To Improve Hero System? To Include Gem Mines?

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Clash Of Clans
(Photo : COC Website)

Maker of one of the famous app today, "Clash of Clan's" Supercell is yet to release another update for the game late this month or early April.

It is said the update will mainly focus in improving the Clans Wars and Hero System and might possibly include a gem mine. According to a report by Parent Herald, the improvement was initiated by several complaints from players regarding their inability to use a handful of heroes, in particular, the Bark King and the Queen Archer.

As mentioned by the report, these characters are crucial for the offender when attacking someone else's home base. Without these two key heroes, it would be an advantage for a player defending his base from an attack.

Another inclusion in this update is the addition of "Gem Mines" in the game's mechanics. Although some are thinking this is unlikely for Supercell to push through, there have reports surfacing recently regarding this addition. According to Master Herald, the gem mines is a means for the developer to make money, so there really is a slight chance for the developer to "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs."

In addition to the report, other possible new game features include three brand new troops which can be unlocked at Town Hall 10. This new troops will feature a skull-like character called "Rocketeer" and a wizard called "Chain Lightning."

An improved match making system is also reportedly included in this March update. In view of the coming improvements and additional features, Supercell already reminded their gamers of possible bugs and glitches which might come along with the update.

As of the moment, these are just speculations, and specific details regarding the forthcoming update will be updated as its release date approaches. Nevertheless, "Clash of Clans" fans are probably more than excited to receive these game improvements.

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