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'One Piece' Episode 733 English Sub Live Stream Delayed! Luffy Finishes Doflamingo With King Kong Gun!

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"One Piece" Episode 733 is entitled, "Strike The Heavens Luffy's Kingkong Gun Of Range."

Viewers can watch the live stream episode hereViewing access may depend on territory and licensing limitations. Fans can watch online here or here as well.

The previous episode was entitled, "Dead of Alive! A Fateful Countdown"

According to a YouTube clip uploaded by user "RogersBase," the upcoming episode has been postponed due to the 2016 Nagoya Women's Marathon. It is said that Fuji TV is postponing the said episode to give way to the marathon which means that the "One Piece" episode will be postponed for a week.

Episode 733, "Strike The Heavens Luffy's Kingkong Gun Of Range" will be re-scheduled to air on March 20 after the women's marathon.

For a recap of episode 732, according to One Piece Wikia, the previous episode's synopsis is as follows:

"Gatz broadcasts himself to everyone on Dressrosa in order to tell them that Luffy will return and defeat Doflamingo with one blow. An angered Doflamingo impales Gatz and then forces Rebecca to attack Viola. However, Luffy regains his Haki and blocks Rebecca's attack as he confronts Doflamingo again."

There were already several instances where episodes of "One Piece" have been postponed. Just a few weeks ago, episode 729, "Flame Dragon King! Protect Luffy's Life" was also delayed. According to Youth Health Mag, the reason for the delay was due to a rocket launch by North Korea which interrupted the television broadcast of Fuji TV, the channel responsible for airing "One Piece."

The report added that the episode was in mid-air when the launch happened and was interrupted to make an emergency live broadcast. And later that day, Fuji TV announced and explained the interruption that took place. Episode 729 was also moved to the coming week during that time.

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