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Watch 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 35 With English Sub Delayed? Hit Makes His First Move

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"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 35 is entitled "Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta's All-Out Battle!"

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the plot summary for the upcoming episode is: "In the tournament between Universe 6 and 7, Frost, from Universe 6, who defeated both Son Goku and Piccolo was confirmed to have stealthily used a poison needle and was disqualified. But, an angry Vegeta says Frost doesn't need to be disqualified since he'll defeat him."

Watch the newest installment here.

Viewing depends on licensing limitations and territory. Fans can also watch online here or here.

In the previous episode, it was a battle between Frost and Piccolo, where initially the latter was defeated by the former. At the latter part of the announcement, Frost was disqualified due to discovery of him using a needle weapon hidden in his arm. Though Piccolo was heavily bruised, he was still declared as winner due to Frost's disqualification, making both team tie to a score of 3 is to 3.

Episode 35 commences when Vegeta interrupts the referee and said that Frost doesn't need to be disqualified since he will be defeating him.  

According to YIBADA, in a second summary shared by Gojiitaaf, "the real identity of Frost, the hero of Universe 6 who crushed both Goku and Piccolo, was that of an horrible man that started wars and bought the ravaged lands by a cheap price. 'I'll defeat this bastard with my own hands', said Vegeta with an imposing smile."

The preview trailer for episode 35 of "Dragon Ball Super" reveals Goku being angry over what Frost has done during the tournament. In the same trailer, Goku asks Vegeta to defeat Frost for him and Piccolo. It can be recalled that Frost both defeated Son Goku and Piccolo before heading for a battle with Vegeta.

For the preview trailer of episode 35, watch the trailer below.

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