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‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ PS4 Release Date: Game To Be Launched By 2017?

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake
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After almost 10 years from its initial release, it has been reported that "Final Fantasy 7" will finally be getting an update. Ecumenical News reported it will follow the original plot of the 1997 game but will be enhanced by high-definition graphics.

Footage of remake of "Final Fantasy VII" was first released last December, and confirmed during the 2015 E3 Conference with the game producer featuring a few game elements players can expect in the upcoming release.

Yoshinori Kitase, game producer of "Final Fantasy VII" explained in a blog post, "With the 'Final Fantasy VII Remake," we have the opportunity to go beyond the story, world and experience of 'Final Fantasy VII' in ways we've always dreamed of - from the depths of Midgar to the skies above the Planet. The multi-part format enables us to expand the original story and turn it into an epic experience for fans and new gamers alike."

Other reports suggest, like of Cross Map, that the game will be launched in several parts, like an episodic format. It will be split into at most, four parts which will allow compilation of stories.

However, none has confirmed if the game will not be released anytime this year.

In a translated statement by Kitase, he said "I believe that this year will still be a year of preparations for 'Final Fantasy VII Remake.' I'd like to create a new kind of value for the hardware that is the PlayStation 4 for our next announcement."

If this statement will be true, fans could only hope that an earlier release for the game would be most likely by 2017 in a PlayStation 4 version. There were also rumors suggesting the game's going to be launched for the upcoming console Nintendo NX but none of this has been confirmed yet by the game's publisher, Square Enix.

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