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'Dota 2' Manila Major Tournament Details Revealed; Roster Changes And New Gameplay Patch To Be Expected

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Details for the highly-anticipated "Dota 2" Manila Major tournament have been revealed.

IdigitalTimes reported that Valve has made the announcement and shared the first details regarding the upcoming "Dota 2" Manila Major tournament. Tickets for the event went on sale this weekend, last Mar. 12 at 12 a.m. EST.

There will be three tiers of seats for the "Dota 2" Manila Major tournament, which will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena on Jun. 7 to 12. Seats are priced at ₱ 200/100/50 on weekdays and ₱ 400/200/100 for the weekends.

"With an eye towards The Manila Major Qualifiers, running May 3 - 6 with Open Qualifiers on Apr. 29 - May 2, all teams must finalize roster changes by March 27," Valve posted on its blog.

"Rosters will remain locked from that date through completion of play at The International, making this the final opportunity for players and teams to choose their squads for the remainder of the competitive season."

Moreover, the regional qualifiers for The International 2016 is slated to happen by late June. This comes after the "Dota 2" Manila Major tournament concludes.

The International 2016 Main Event will ascertain which of the teams will carry the Aegis of Champions for the year.

According to Red Bull, a new set of rosters and a new gameplay patch will be released before the "Dota 2" Manila Major tournament begins.

The "Dota" 6.87 update may reportedly nerf Enchantress. Furthermore, rumors on Abyssal Underlord's appearance have once again surfaced.

"IceFrog has historically dropped many a teaser so whilst it could mean nothing, we're confident that Abyssal Underlord is coming soon," the publication wrote.

Other updates will have an adjustment in the mid lane meta as well as changes to the offlane.

The "Dota 2" 6.85 update included changes on the Siege Creeps and the Ogre Magi's Bloodlust. The patch came ahead of the Fall Major tournament in Frankfurt last November.

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