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‘Dark Souls 3’ Release Date Coming Soon! PC Version To Run At 60 FPS?

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Dark Souls 3
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Contrary to what has Reddit reported a few days ago, "Dark Souls 3" running at 30 fps on PC, Digital Trends claimed the said game will run at 60 fps instead.

The rumor reportedly started from a customer representative's response to an inquiry of a fan regarding the fps rate of the Japanese RPG game, Ecumenical News reported.

"Thank you for contacting Bandai Namco Entertainment Online Store Support. Unfortunately, the plan is to keep the frame rate locked at 30 fps but nothing is yet confirmed from what I am aware of. Please keep updated through the main website."

This has put die-hard fans and players to dismay since game PC versions are always expected to run as much as 60 fps, tailor fitting to the superb graphic settings of gaming computers. It is also an opportunity for From Software to properly establish a PC version of "Dark Souls" this time, since they weren't very successful with the first attempt.

Despite the misinformation, Digital Trends' report furthermore elaborated that From Software already confirmed via Twitter that the game will be running at as smooth as, 60 fps.

Dark Souls Official Twitter Account @DarkSoulsGame posted:

"Forget what you've heard. #DarkSouls3 will run at 60 FPS on PC!"

Ecumenical News' report provided additional information regarding "Dark Souls 3." In its report, it mentioned that Gamespot presented various videos which confirmed bosses and classes included in the game such as: Knight, Mercenary, Warrior, Herald, Theif, Assassin, Sorcerer, Pyromancer, Cleric and Deprived. It was also mentioned that the game will be putting up some challenge with players as they will experience an A.I. which requires immediate response and quick thinking during combat.

"Dark Souls 3" is expected to be released by April 12 across all platforms. This is just less than a month away, so die-hard fans and players are probably more than ecstatic.

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