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Apple Watch 2 Specs, Features: Better Health Features Coming With New Smartwatch

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Apple Watch
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One of the things users are looking forward for the rumored Apple Watch 2 are the new upcoming features it will boast of; and reportedly, the second generation smartwatch of Apple do certainly have promising features.

In its report, Value Walk said that Apple Watch 2 will be coming off with features that "can bring assistance to the user when he is in serious trouble." According to the report, the U.S. Patent Trademark Office has awarded Apple a patent for its "Care Event Detection and Alerts."

With this new feature dubbed as "Care Event Detection and Alerts," users will be able to detect one or more "care events" that are detected by the Apple Watch 2, which is able to monitor environmental data and/or user data from one or more sensors. This new feature, as The Bitbag describes, is "Apple's plan to create a perfect feature with great focus on health."

"The electronic device transmits one or more alerts regarding the detected occurrence to at least one other electronic device," this is how the description on The U.S. Patent Trademark Office website is written. This feature, accordingly, could be used in events like car crash, bike accident, heart attack, mugging and others.

"In one version of the patent, after detecting an emergency event, the Apple Watch could tailor its emergency alert based on the severity of the wearer's condition. For instance if an emergency occurred, the watch could send out an alert to immediate family members, such as the case of an elderly person falling over.

But if the watch doesn't detect a heartbeat, it can skip the first tier alert contacts and go straight to calling emergency services via 911 or other local emergency contact numbers," the International Business Times also wrote in its report.

One challenge to this innovation, however, is that the existing Apple Watch does not have a cellular radio. Hence for the "Care Event Detection and Alerts" to be possible, the smartwatch must utilize the mobile data connection of the iPhone. A "mesh network," which connects the Apple Watch to a nearby device, can also be utilized.      

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