TRENDING Published March15, 2016 By Romeo Vasquez Jr.

Gerard Butler Has A New Apple Of The Eye? Actor’s Ex Morgan Brown ‘Sets Him Free’

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Gerard Butler
(Photo : Emma McIntyre l Getty Images Entertainment)

It seems Gerard Butler has, once again, added a name to the list of beautiful women the actor is linked with after breaking up with interior designer Morgan Brown, the latest of whom, an acrobat the "London Has Fallen" star has met in a Las Vegas nightclub.

According to Daily Record, the gorgeous acrobat named Jessica Delgado has captured the attention of Gerard Butler after she caught the actor's eye at a nearby table in Light, a nightclub in Las Vegas.

"One Gerard decided he was meeting Jessica, there was no stopping him," an insider told Daily Record.

"He finally got the phone number he was looking for. He didn't look surprised at his success," the insider added.

The report added that during that time, Gerard Butler was in the city for the opening of "London Has Fallen," where he was joined by fellow Hollywood celebrities like Tobey Maguire, Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Connolly.

Jessica Delgado, now, is included to the "string of women," including British pop star Rita Ora and model Charlotte McKinneythat the 46-year old actor is linked with after splitting with former partner Morgan Brown.

Meanwhile, a recent report by New York Daily News said that Morgan Brown is happy to set Gerard Butler free. According to the report, it was Brown who suggested that she and Butler "hit the pause button" while the actor completes his tours for "London Has Fallen" and "Gods of Egypt."

"Not even two months ago, they had a little talk," an insider told NY Daily News. "He seemed restless as he got ready to launch the tours and she didn't want to put her kids through that. You know how these things happen where the girlfriend stays home and the movie star boyfriend has every girl on the red carpet throwing themselves at him."

The report added that, indeed, Brown was glad to have decided to have let Butler free.

"Look what happened. Suddenly he's being photographed in hotels and casinos with all these different women-and it started just a few weeks later!" the insider added.

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