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Sony PlayStation VR Price Rumors: New Device Too Expensive? Details Here

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PlayStation VR
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The virtual reality industry is expected to boom this year with a lot of new VR devices coming into the market, including Sony's PlayStation VR, which is anticipated by analysts to change the face of gaming; a major consideration, however, especially for an average gamer is the cost and recent reports indicate that PlayStation VR may not be "affordable" at all.

In its report, the Inquisitr said that gamers should not expect "to plop down a small wad of bills for Sony's new peripheral." The report highlighted that Facebook's Oculus Rift costs $600 while its direct competitor Vive, from HTC and Valve, costs $800. Both devices, accordingly, would require a high-end PC system, which according to Inquisitr, must be "so new" that PCs bought in 2014 may not be compatible.

Sony's PlayStation VR, on the other hand, would only require the PS4 although compared to Oculus Rift and Vive, PS4 does not have the same resolution compared to a high-end PC. Hence the report said, PlayStation VR's visuals might not be as impressive as that of Oculus Rift or Vive.

"That's not stopping Sony from asking for a relatively 'fat stack' for the PlayStation 4 VR headset," Inquisitr wrote.

As the report would put it, PlayStation VR "may be amazing, but the price may think you twice." Sony's PlayStation VR is estimated to have a cost ranging from $300 to $500. This, the report highlighted, is already the same as the cost of the console itself or the (at least) 50-inch HD TV one is using on.

Tech Insider, in its report, said that the PlayStation VR will sport a 5.7-inch OLED display with 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, a 100 degree field of view, an accelerometer and gyroscope, positional tracking using nine LED lights, 3D audio and the usual HDMI and USB ports.

The report, accordingly, added that as announced by Sony representatives, the PlayStation Vr will be "priced as a new gaming platform."

"PREPARE YOURSELF: The PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset will be expensive," Tech Insider warned.

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