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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Theo, Dead Or Alive? Showrunner Confirms Cody Christian’s Comeback

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Cody Christian
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At the end of "Teen Wolf" Season 5, Cody Christian's Theo has seen a tragic end and fans of the hit TV series were left wondering if it was really the end of the chimera; "Teen Wolf" executive producer Jeff Davis, in a recent interview, said accordingly that it may not be the last time that fans will see Theo and he may appear again in Season 6.

The finale for Season 5 had Theo being dragged to the ground by his dead sister and it looked like Theo has found his demise. But in an interview with TV Line, "Teen Wolf" showrunner Jeff Davis said that Theo may just come back in Season 6 and that the chimera is not yet dead.

"How about Theo: Dead or alive?" asked TV Line. Jeff Davis answered, "I think he got his just desserts in the end."

"But I will say that we really like Cody Christian. We wanted to make sure didn't kill him, so we could possibly bring him back," the executive producer added.

It seems really evident that they wanted to keep Cody Christian because in an earlier interview with Hollywood Life, when Davis was asked whether Theo is "really gone for good," he answered, "That remains to be seen. I can't confirm that just yet. We're wondering how we can keep him around. We'll see."

In a previous interview with Beacon Hills Trumpeter, Jeff Davis also revealed that he enjoys writing the character of Cody Christian's Theo. He said, "Cody was always a pleasure to write for. And there's something about writing dialogue for a villain that allows you to tap into your darkest side."

"It's kind of cathartic. I may be saying 'goodbye' to his character asl step back from the show a bit, but for the audience it may be more of a 'see you later,'" he added.     

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