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‘Flaked’ Netflix Series: Season 2 For Will Arnett’s Comedy Series? Get The Latest Info Here!

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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Actor Will Arnett visits The SiriusXM Studios In Los Angeles at Sirius XM Studios on February 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
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Will Arnett returns to Netflix for another comedy series. Although fans of Gob Bluth want him back in "Arrested Development," the new series is closer to home than many would think.

Comedy series "Flaked" was released last March 11 and according to its IMDB page, the TV series was produced by Mitchell Hurwitz of "Arrested Development." Because it's Netflix, all eight episodes of the TV series is already available for viewing.

But even though "Flaked" is billed as a comedy series, it's a dark comedy about the life of a self-help guru who struggles with his past because of an accident. There's also a love triangle in the mix with his best friend which gets things really interesting considering he's married.

The series started off as a dark comedy series but slowly evolves into something deeper as it heads to the later episodes. According to Netflix Life, "'Flaked' evolves in the second half of the eight-episode first season from a comedy into a full-fledged drama, but it was that evolution that saw the show take off..." This perception is also reflected on the IGN's review of the show, "'Flaked' is billed as a comedy, but more often than not the show isn't overly concerned with being funny. The humor is more directed at the various little absurdities of Chip's world."

For those who have seen the comedy series and want to know if it will be renewed, here's the good news: there's no formal announcement yet on its renewal but most shows in Netflix are renewed for another season to pique the interest of viewers.

According to Bustle, "Netflix almost always renews its original series, so Flaked has a good chance of survival, even though the streaming service does not release ratings information for individual shows that would give us a better idea of what to expect."

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