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‘Tokyo Ghoul Re:’ Chapter 69 Spoilers: Kaneki vs. Furuta Inbound? Hinami Rescue Mission In Jeopardy!

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Chapter 68 of "Tokyo Ghoul: Re" is already available online via Manga Fox. The current chapter continues the exciting arc where the CCG has mounted an attack on Rue Island against the Aogiri Tree with the latter reacting at the same time by attacking Cochlea. Before any predictions on the upcoming chapters, here's a brief recap of the recent events.

Furuta visited Eto on her cell where she informs her that her editor Shiono is now dead. To make things worse, Furuta made him into a meal and pushed it inside Eto's cell. It was then revealed that Furuta was well aware of Eto's wiretapping actions during their previous conversation.

Meanwhile, the alarm that set-off took everyone by surprise and the cell doors were opened on Levels 0 and 1. Even the Aogiri Tree led by Ayato was surprised about the commotion and preceded with the attack. It was then revealed through video surveillance that Ken Kaneki opened the doors. Arrest orders were then issued for Ken Kaneki.

There was a brief flashback where Hide begging Ken to eat him as a way of leverage. The chapter ends with Ken Kaneki arriving at Hinami's cell where he informs her that they will be going out of Cochlea.

The upcoming chapters will most likely reveal the challenges Ken would have to go through so he and Hinami can get out of Cochlea. User lilkwarrior on Manga Helpers has a very interesting prediction for the upcoming chapters, "Furuta will cause more pain for Kaneki to endure by murdering Hinami. He'll do it for a variety of reasons aligning with his character, including getting revenge on Kaneki for recording him talking about V and all the things he has done."

On the other hand, user Challengeram on Reddit predicts how the attack on Cochlea will end, "Kaneki and Hinami escape and they encounter Banjou, however Arima arrives after making quick work of Ayato. Kaneki entrusts Hinami to Banjou and faces Arima.

Bloody battle ensues, and while they fight Eto breaks out and frees the other ghouls. Kaneki wins against Arima and beheads him, Eto and other ghouls arrive to witness Kaneki holding up Arima's decapitated head and Eto establishes Kaneki as OEK in front of the other ghouls."

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