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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Spider-Man To Fight With Iron Man?

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Tom Holland will play Peter Parker/Spiderman for 'Captain America:Civil War'
(Photo : Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

"Captain America: Civil War" Spider-Man may have a fight with Iron Man.

Game Zone reported that fans are clamoring to catch a glimpse of the web slinger in the film's promotional materials. However, it seems like "Captain America: Civil War" Spider-Man will only be revealed when the movie premieres.

It was previously reported that Spider-Man is being kept under wraps because Marvel and Sony still has to work on the rights for the character.

Apparently, the deal between the two companies allows Marvel to have control over the character when he's alongside the Avengers while Sony has control over Spidey during his solo adventures.

This will require major coordination from the two studios. It could mean more surprises for fans, though, if Marvel continues to keep "Captain America: Civil War" Spider-Man under wraps.

The publication added that Spidey may have been left out of the promotional materials since the marketing focuses on Team Captain America and Team Iron Man.

It was noted that "Captain America: Civil War" Spider-Man is neutral. He initially sides with Tony Stark but ends up going with Steve Rogers after he found out that the Iron Spider suit has a tracking device.

"Being duped would mean that he'd have to prove himself as a real hero by fighting back for what's right, truly earning his place in the Marvel universe," the publication wrote.

It is possible that a confrontation between Spider-Man and Iron Man would take place in "Captain America: Civil War."

Tom Holland, who will portray the web slinger, has been praised for his performance in the film. Director James Gunn praised the "Captain America: Civil War" Spider-Man character.

The "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" director gushed about actor Tom Holland ("Billy Elliot," "In The Heart of the Sea"). "Tom Holland is off the charts awesome," Gunn said. "Off the charts. Truly. Hand to my heart, he's amazing."

James Gunn also revealed his thoughts on the highly-anticipated "Captain America: Civil War" film. "I saw 'Civil War,' and I think it's incredible," he admitted.

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