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'Rocket League' Team Updates By Introducing A Basketball Version Of The Video Game

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"Rocket League" developers, Psyonix, updates that the game may be played a new way.

The developers have recently started the second season of the championships but just recently announced that they will be incorporating basketball into their game. They have previously incorporated a hockey mode last year for the winter season and it looks like basketball is the sport for spring and summer.

A tweet update by Rocket League's official twitter teased that the developers are already working on a new mode. They used the hastag "#RocketLeagueHoops" to clue in gamers that the next sport to be added in is basketball.

The video game is originally a physics game that uses cars to play a gigantic game of soccer and Gamespot reported that introducing basketball will change the whole dynamic of the game.

"Since airborne ball control is one of the trickiest skills to master in 'Rocket League,'" stated the site. " Such a mode may have been designed with core fans in mind."

While the fans are already looking forward to the new addition, Psyonix have not given an official update on the upcoming "Rocket League" mode yet.

The game was released back in Jul. 7, 2015 and was developed with a small budget. Despite it being an indie game, there were over 4 million units sold on different gaming platforms and have over 12 million players online.

In other news, Playstation 4 and PC users have just gotten an update that introduces a new vehicle into the game. According to Playstation Lifestyle, the "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Car Pack" was recently launched and comes with something called the Spectator Mode, a new automated camera option.

Other additions is the Batmobile battle car as well as the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman antennas.

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