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'Doom 4' Multiplayer Trailer Released, Developers Update With Closed Beta Dates For PS4, PC And Xbox One

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"Doom 4" gets an update as the closed beta dates for PS4, Xbox One and PC finally get released.

The long wait is over for fans of the game as the developers have finally released the dates for the closed beta. They also have just released a new multiplayer trailer that previewed what is to come in the new game.

According to Gamespot, the upcoming game will not only feature several multiplayer modes but it will also include a clan area, freeze tag, domination and four-player deathmatch as well. Those who managed to pre-order "Wolfestein: The New Order" and were able to redeem their beta codes are automatically part of the lucky few who will have access to the closed beta period.

The official trailer of the game was released on Youtube and showed a player in action as he goes head on against various creatures and enemies in the first person perspective. Not only are there monsters but a number of other players are seen running around trying to get past the level.

Not only were the creatures more menacing but even the violence and level of gore have increased as well.

The game, as well as a Demon Multiplayer Pack, can be pre-ordered on Steam. The pack is a pre-purchase offer that comes with six hack modules, three id logo patterns and six metallic paint colors for armor or weapons and even one unique and customizable demon-themed armor set in three skin variations.

Bethesda updates that "Doom 4's" closed beta for PS4, Xbox One and PC will happen from March 31 to April 3. The game will be released on May 13 and is the fourth installment in the "Doom" game series.

In other news, the Collector's Edition of the game is available for pre-order and will include a 12-inch statue of the Revenant. The figure was reportedly made by TriForce and stands on an LED base. According to Gamespot, it costs $120 and also comes with a physical copy of the game in a metal case.

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