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Oddsmaker Kenny White Talks About Life As Handicapper, Implications Of NFL Drafts Difficult To Figure Out

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Oddsmaker Kenny White Talks About Life As Handicapper, Implications Of NFL Drafts Difficult To Figure Out
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Today we are interviewing the world famous Sportsbook Linesmaker Kenny White. Kenny's picks and history working behind the scenes makes him one of the most knowledgable gamblers alive when it comes to sports betting. Even though Kenny has tried his hand at handicapping he has struggled to beat out the bookmakers that he used to work with and some companies such as Kenny Wins try to sell his betting picks but the fanfare and negative reviews on the subject point to the fact that this is one industry where the house always wins. Well almost always wins.

Is it possible to consistently win at sports betting?

There are only a select few who have ever won consistently when it comes to sports betting. The two most famous people who actually can beat the bookmakers are Billy Walters who was famous for this 60 minutes interview and a gentleman by the name of Jon Price who runs a consulting & betting service called Sports Information Traders. Outside of these two individuals there are no known handicappers who have winning streaks that have lasted for over a decade. There are notable gamblers living gamblers such as Bob Voulgarius who was winning big with NBA second half bets but that was short lived when the oddsmakers caught on and eventually put his winning bets to an end.

What should be considered in picking teams?

There are so many factors to consider when picking a team. Statistical analysis and simulations are done behind the scenes to help determine who has the highest probability of winning the game and by how many points. All of that is considered when the initial lines are released. From there the lines move based on how the overall public is wagering on that particular game or matchup at that specific sportsbook. If it's Cantor Gaming running the bets they offlay the risk at all of their locations not just one particular sportsbook.. You should be very scared to bet on your on. It's nearly impossible to win and as we stated above there are only two living humans out of billions that have been able to win long term. Everybody else is just a lemming trying to win. I used to work at the sportsbook and I can't even win. People stopped buying my picks and give up almost all hope after finding this out.

Have you experienced any life-threatening situation in this business?

It's scary when you are managing a book and a guy loses millions of dollars on a back door cover. When they threaten they are going to kill you for something somebody on the field did that had no impact on the game you feel for them. Then when they threaten your life you start to feel for yourself and promptly consider calling security to help calm them down.

What are differences between old-style sports betting and new-generation sports betting?

The new style is all-electronic. You can bet anywhere you want. Cantor gaming (no affiliation) has an application where you can bet anywhere in the Las Vegas, Nevada region and if you live offshore you can bet on any of the numerous off shore gambling websites. Back in the day there was a board up in the back room and guys came in and dealt with the wise guys to lay action. Today like all things technology has changed it and allowed people to even bet on first inning scores in Major League Baseball, proposition bets, and other fun wagers that can be profitable if you know how to bet correctly.

What tips can you give for the amateurs who are pursuing this career?

You will make more money behind the desk working for a casino than trying to take the casinos money. Only Walters and Price can make money betting on sports. They have magic formulas, private jets, and are known how to bet big and win big. It's nice that they sell their picks to help amateur gamblers get ahead but that's the only way to make money betting on sports is to mirror the smartest guys in the room taking everybody elses money.

Can you consider this career a stable job?

Yes. Gambling and sports betting is not going anywhere. It's matured a lot from the days of the back room and it continues to grow. Fan Duel & Draft Kings made a big push to try and legitimize the fantasy sports betting industry but they fell short as they gained too much attention. Now it's time to regulate that industry but sports betting is much more volatile and anybody can go up to the counter and pick either the New York Giants or the Los Angeles Rams and win or lose. DFS requires more intellect and will end up being regulated while those in America will have to wait a very long time to see regulated sports betting in their hometown. If you want to work in the gambling industry start off at the bottom at any Harrahs, MGM, Boyd Gaming, or Wynn property and work your behind off from day one. Show that you are passionate and over time your investment in yourself will pay off.

What can you say about fantasy sports betting and the legal impediments these platforms may potentially encounter?

Oh man I wish I read this question before answering the last one. The fantasy sports betting market is one where the guys behind it will beg you not to call it sports betting but a game of skill. Either way you look at it you are wagering money to make more money against other players. It's not crazy like the lottery but it's a gamble and it's a risk. Regulation will be good for this industry but it seems that the sports betting industry is being completed ignored throughout all of this. So I won't worry too much about the affect this will have on sports gambling because you don't see one million commercials running all day everyday where you did for these companies during the NFL season.

Would you consider you and your team as the best in this business? What advantages do you have as compared to others?

The best in the business again are Billy Walters and Jon Price. Hands down nobody else compares when it comes to sports betting and winning. When I was creating the odds I was one of the best but now that I am on the other side trying to pick winners I see how quickly you can lose your edge. It really creates a great respect for those that can consistently win and beat the bookmakers. I used to think it was hard and now I think it's impossible. My biggest advantage is that I used to work in the industry and know how the lines are made and I still can't win.

Are the players' performance influenced by the odds in the betting business?

Never or at least not to my knowledge. Individual sports have the chance to become manipulated but that does not occur in the USA. Overseas in smaller markets it is possible but one of the reasons athletes are paid so much money is so that a game will not be thrown or influenced by wagering nor will the final score be a result of how much money was wagered on that game. Odds are always created however based on the players previous performance and other influences on that particular game.

What are the implications of the recent NFL drafts in the upcoming season and how can it affect the teams?

The first two weeks of the season are the hardest to set the lines for. People bet sloppy and help the bookmakers that way but it's very difficult to figure out who is going to perform great in the NFL even after viewing their scouting reports and watching them during the training camps. The other issue is pre-season football is not conducive to what we should expect throughout the season. I look forward to the 2016-2017 season. I expect only two handicappers in the world to continue to crush the books and the rest to either follow in their footsteps or get left behind trying to bet on their own games.

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