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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: Which one will be better?

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As a matter of fact, smartphone competition has been always Google Android against Apple iOS, which means Samsung Galaxy vs Apple iPhone.

In other words, the biggest battle this year will be Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 8.

What are Samsung Galaxy S8's 5 things that Apple iPhone 8 does not have? In other words, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have about five more capabilities than the Apple iPhone 8.

Iris recognition scanner
Though I had to quit as soon as I released it, the iris recognition scanner played a big role in putting the Galaxy Note 7 as the smartphone's best security.

Samsung plans to apply the iris recognition scanner to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge, which will enable mobile payment authentication and other important authentication procedures easily, conveniently and safely.

Desktop mode
Desktop mode is a new feature that is not known, but it is expected to be able to use the Galaxy S8 as a PC by making it connectable to monitors and peripherals.

A similar function is expected to be applied to Microsoft's surface phones, such as 'Continuous', and Samsung will use this feature to acquire a new marketing tool called PC computing via smartphone.

In addition, PC computing with Android (Galaxy S8) will be very useful in the aspect of business extension because it does not depend on booting time like Windows PC and can confirm work contents in company or home on the move.

Beast mode
Although the title is somewhat absurd, Samsung is developing a Beast Mode and is expected to mount it on the flagship Galaxy S8. Smartphones usually do not utilize this feature 100%, but use only about half of it because they use the battery rapidly.

The Beast mode to enter the Galaxy S8 is expected to deliver satisfactory results in applications that require PC-class performance and games and other high-resource applications by opening up the maximum power of the smartphone 100%.

However, Samsung is expected to introduce new fast charging technology to cope with fast battery consumption due to beast mode.

Micro SD card
As always, Galaxy S8 smartphone is basically a micro SD card expansion slot, so you can save large amount of money at low cost.

Apple, however, does not seem to offer a micro SD card expansion slot for the iPhone at least ten years after the first iPhone was released.

3.5mm audio jack
Do we need to say more? However, there are rumors that the 3.5mm audio jack will disappear like the Apple iPhone 7 in the Galaxy S8.

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