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iPhone 8 Release Date and Rumors: iPhone Assembly to Start in April from India

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Apple will assemble the iPhone in India from the end of April.

In an interview with India's Information Technology Minister Priyank Kharge on Monday (April 3), Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to assemble the iPhone in Bangalore, India. Apple has partnered with a Taiwanese company, Wistron, to assemble it in India. Kharge said he met with Apple executives in January to tune the schedule.

Indian press Indian Express says that Wistron has a factory in Peenya, Bangalore. The company said that the iPhone will be assembled at the Wistron Bangalore plant, rather than planting the plant.

Kharge said it takes about three months to complete the facilities needed for assembly. The details of the production plan, such as the initial production scale, were not mentioned.

Bloomberg said the iPhone production plan was decided after several months of market research. The fact that Samsung is leading the Indian market has also influenced local production decisions.

Apple ranks 10th in the Indian smartphone market. Samsung and Chinese companies are leading the smartphone market in China. Apple is focusing on fast-growing India as smartphone market growth slows in China and other countries.

The Indian government is also trying to score points. As part of the 'Make in India' policy, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants various companies to make products in India.

In November last year, Apple sent a letter asking for incentives when local production of the iPhone was completed in India. "Every iPhone produced in India is for the domestic market," said Kaji. "If Apple contracts with other manufacturers in Bangalore, it will help Apple." He added that he did not discuss other incentives. Apple did not answer questions.

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