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iPhone Explosion: iPhone 6 Plus Explodes While Charging in Florida

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In Florida, the device was exploding while charging the battery of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

There is a concern that Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 battery is causing a nightmare of explosion due to battery firing to Apple.

A woman named Amanda Benz, who lives in Florida, was sleeping with her husband and was awakened by the sound of a sparkling fire in the middle of the night, according to the Cult of Mac.

The iPhone 6 Plus, which was charging from the bedside, exploded and flames were rising.

It was reported that the pillow pocket and the pillow were damaged as well.

"If the husband did not wake up, the curtain could be lit, and then the bed would have been lit," said Amanda Benz.

"It was just like a 'shhhhhh,' kind of like fireworks," Amanda Bentz told WFLA. "It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone."

The iPhone's explosion did not happen to this woman alone.

Greg Miceli, who lives near by, came home last week and discovered that the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus is expanding and the display is broken.

Florida local broadcaster WFLA said the iPhone was not charging at the time.

Of course millions of iPhones are sold every day, but this happens very rarely.

Last year, Samsung suffered from a battery firing accident of the Galaxy Note 7.

It is rare on Apple's iPhone, but battery problems are reported.

The makers are different, but the two mainstream smartphone batteries have a commonality that they use a flammable lithium ion battery.

The cult of Mac says users need to be aware that a smartphone with a lithium-ion battery will likely have a small chance of being ignited.

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