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Super Bowl 2017 Half Time Show: 6 Movies That Advertised on Super Bowl

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A superbowl ad cost about $ 5 million per 30 seconds. More than 300 million Americans and the world watched this year's 51th Super Bowl (local time on February 5) to take part in the commercial time, worldwide companies and Hollywood studios took part. From the start of Super Bowl movie trailer commercials to commercials that combine movies and merchandise, we will look at six previous Super Bowl ads.

The first Super Bowl movie trailer ad was Independence Day (1996)

In 1996, the 30th Super Bowl was a tournament for a film company. Twentieth Century Fox debuted a movie trailer as the Super Bowl commercial for the first time ever. The 30-second short trailer had a tremendous impact after the advertisement. Independence Day, which opened in July after five months of advertising, earned more than $ 300 million in North America and $ 817.4 million in 1996, making it the best-selling movie of the year. Since the Super Bowl advertising, many film producers have begun to pursue Super Bowl commercial time.

Matrix Series

Kia Motors K900 (Korean name K9) met Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburn). As Morpheus tells Neo (Keanu Reeves) to pick one of the red and blue pills in the Matrix series, Morpheus says he will give a couple a red key and a blue key, and pick a red key to see a new luxury car. Kia Motors' 49th Super Bowl advertising concept in 2014, which is different from other luxury cars, is impressive. Couples and Morpheus in the car seem to see the series' Matrix 'as the other cars around and the street lights pop out while the opera "Turndott"' Nessun Dorma (the princess is sleepy) "is called.

Take Series

Jean Bryan (Liam Neeson) got angry at the game. He who dreams of revenge sends an application for rematch to his opponent. "I do not know who you are. I'll find you and I will surely kill you. "Supercell's" Clash of Clan "commercial, which parodied the famous writer of the series. Supercell launched the 49th Super Bowl commercial in 2015 with Liam Neeson , the main character of the series. The ad was very popular, exceeding the "Class of Clan" box office and 150 million YouTube views (as of February 4). Various media have named this ad as one of the best super ball ads ever.

Ant-man and Hulk's Coca-Cola (2015)

Anthony (Paul Rudd) broke into Bruce Banner's lab. His goal is to steal the Coca-Cola Mini in a laboratory refrigerator. Coca-Cola's one-minute ad on the 50th Super Bowl Commercial Time in 2016 is the chase of Ant-man and the Hulk chasing him with a Coca-Cola Mini, which looks like a blockbuster movie. Coca-Cola Advertising that harmonizes the image of Mini, Ant-man and Hulk. The Coca-Cola Mini has received a great deal of attention with its ad in the commercial of "Ant-man", which had a world-wide record of more than $ 500 million in 2015.

Cute little Darth Vader, series

Volkswagen's 2012 Passat commercial, which was broadcast during the 46th edition of the Super Bowl in 2011, was recognized for its work in the 2011 Cannes International Advertising Awards. This ad contains a story about a child playing a 'Star Wars' at home with a Darth Vader costume. It is good to see the behavior of the child who uses his father 's passat against him and the father who starts the car with his smart key for the child. The name of the child is Max Page. At the time, Max, 6, was suffering from a congenital heart disorder called "Palo-4 Obstruction." The parents of the child asked VW for the appearance of Max to encourage the parents and children of the world suffering from the illness. The impressive advertisement and behind-the-scenes became a hot topic after the Super Bowl.

"This is the end" (2013)

 The ad was chosen by the Associated Press as one of the 47th Super Bowl ads in 2013. The reason why AP selected Samsung Electronics 'Galaxy advertisement as the top of the list is because it sneers at Samsung Electronics' competitor, Apple. At that time, Samsung Electronics and Apple filed patent lawsuits. Paul Rudd and Seth Logan bring up the Super Bowl story in the commercial, but are restrained by their boss (Bob Odenkirk). They are cheating on their bosses, expressing the football team San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco '50 minus 1 ', as if they were watching comedic films in a comedy movie. Samsung satirizes Apple, claiming that the rounded corners of the iPhone are their own unique patents. Samsung's advertising is one of the best super bowl ads in the world where movies, satires and companies are fighting in one ad.

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