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iPhone News: Apple Attempts to Sell Used iPhone in India Again

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Apple has asked the Indian government to allow the sale of its pre-owned iPhone, according to Bloomberg News.

It is said that the government of India is in a harsh condition, although it is interpreted as intending to target India, which is a large market, with low-end hand goods.

India's IT minister has said that Apple will begin assembly of iPhones in Bangalore, India, later this year. Bloomberg, however, pointed out that Apple is still negotiating on issues with the Indian government.

Specifically, the government is continuing negotiations with the government of India to allow the sale of used iPhone, which was previously rejected, in addition to tax-deductible government support for 15 years to install the subcontractor Wistron's iPhone manufacturing plant. Explanation.

India is one of the "growth markets" where about 1.3 billion people live and is expected to sell 750 million smartphones by 2020, but it is also the world's most expensive country compared to local prices.

Last year, shipments in India stood at only 2%, reaching only 2.5 million. In other words, for Apple, selling used iPhone is the most urgent market.

However, the government of India, which is focusing on domestic industry promotion policy, pointed out that it is dissatisfied with the mass influx of used smartphones from abroad.

Anshul Gupta, an analyst at market research firm Gartner, said that 70 percent of smartphones sold in India are priced at less than $ 200, and the iPhone is also priced lower. " explained.

If the sale of a used iPhone in India is allowed, Apple will be the first company to import and sell used goods.

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