• exercise
  • Here’s a Good Reason to Keep on Exercising

  • Dec 16, 2014 11:14 PM EST
  • If you’re having a hard time convincing yourself to keep on exercising, then this new study may help change your mind: fat, it turns out, is eliminated through your lungs.
  • potato
  • Concerned about Glycemic Index? This Study Says Don’t Be

  • Dec 16, 2014 10:24 PM EST
  • Have you been counting sugar that you eat? Are you concerned that you’re eating too many types of high-glycemic food? This study suggests that you should not worry about that unless you’re suffering from diabetes.
  • weight
  • This New Ingredient Is Meant to Control Your Food Intake

  • Dec 12, 2014 08:14 PM EST
  • Anyone who battles weight loss understands this: although it’s hard to get rid of the unwanted pounds, it’s more difficult to maintain it. Else, you go back to zero again. That’s why the discovery of this new ingredient may be helpful if you struggle wit…
  • yoga
  • Yoga- What Scientific Research Say

  • Dec 11, 2014 11:33 PM EST
  • What does scientific research say about this mind and body practice, and what are its side effects and risks?

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