BEAUTY&STYLE Published November19, 2014 By Staff Reporter

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: The New Look Of Donatella Versace Stirs Mixed Reactions, Experts Link Her Look To Abusive Cosmetic Surgery

(Photo : Her before and after photo.

Donatella Versace, an Italian designer, stirred a buzz online as she appeared in public recently. The Vice President of the renowned Versace Group looked different as her face was 'too shiny' that she looked like a wax figure.

According to Donatella, she does not believe in staying with her natural look and admits that she does not look like this before. Experts say that the culprit in her 'human waxwork' look is too much surgery and cosmetic procedures including Botox.

When someone would abuse the use of Botox to eradicate wrinkles, the skin in the face will look shiny and smooth. However, with her age of 59 years old, it is very unlikely to have no wrinkles especially in the forehead.

Donatella is well-known to have undergone series of cosmetic surgery procedures aside from Botox. She had lip fillers which were overdone. The lip augmentation she underwent made her lips out of sync with the other parts of her face. Furthermore, there are other cosmetic procedures that led to her bizarre look like facelift, chemical facelifts, and nose job.

The overuse of facelift products including chemically produced ones can lead to irreversible damage to the skin. Botox has been one of the most sought after procedures in cosmetic surgery but due to the emergence of its adverse effects to the face, its sales dropped drastically this year. It has been in the market for almost 12 years.

There are several other celebrities who look way different from when they were younger. However, with all efforts to halt the aging process, they opted to abuse plastic surgery. In related news, a New York socialite spent $4.5 million for her cosmetic surgery procedures to make her look feline that is why she was dubbed as the 'catwoman'. Apparently, many women become addicted to looking younger through drastic measures.

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