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Plastic Surgery Tragedy: Jocelyn Wildenstein ‘Catwoman’ Splurges $4 Million On Cosmetic Surgery, Her Looks Were Patterned From Big Cats

(Photo : blogynewz.blogspot.com) Jocelyn Wildenstein wanted to look like a big cat.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 73 years old, and a New York socialite has been over the news for the couple of years due to her abusive plastic surgery. She was dubbed as the 'catwoman' because of her bizarre and strange look. She spent $ 4 million dollars to achieve her 'feline' look today.

She was branded as the 'Bride of Wildenstein' because after her divorce with art collector and dealer Alec Wildenstein, she earned $ 2.5 billion from the divorce and $100 million each year for the next 13 years. Because of money, she has an extravagant life. Reports say that her yearly telephone bill is about $60,000 and her splurges on food and wine amounts to $547,000.

When they were still together, she underwent drastic cosmetic procedures to make her look like a cat. Her husband, Alec, is fond of big cats. They divorced when Jocelyn found her husband with a 19-year old Russian model in their room.

Despite her bizarre look, she claims she feels beautiful and confident about herself. When her photos looking like a cat circulated online, many critics were alarmed on how she looks now. Some say it turned out to be a tragedy. The change of look was out of fear that her millionaire husband would replace her because of her age. She then decided to look like the cats her husband is fond of. However, not everything went well between the two.

Other women are addicted to cosmetic surgery as Jocelyn Wildenstein. Michaella Romanini (a socialite from Italy), Donatella Versace (Italian designer and Vice President of Versace) and Pete Burns are among them.

The internet is filled of their before and after photos that would reveal how drastic their looks changed because of excessive and abusive plastic surgery. Invasive cosmetic surgeries are now popular among many countries. In the latest Statistics, in 2013, the United States ranked first as the country with the most numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures done in just one year.

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