TEEN HEALTH Published February4, 2016 By Antara Dutta Choudhury

GA Mother Acts Against Law To Help Autistic Daughter

(Photo : Getty Images) A woman from Georgia acts illicitly to help her 5-year old daughter suffering from autism by giving her cannabis oil.

Jennifer Conforti despaired with the trial and error method of medications to treat her 5-year old autistic daughter Abby and decided to act against the law and give her cannabis oil.

She said that she lost all her hope with the guessing of doctors at what might help the girl and that she has done what she had to do to get back her daughter. The little girl was given 30 different medications in a nine-month period.

Conforti provided a video to show how her husband stopped her from giving their daughter cannabis oil. Abby was required to wear armbands to refrain her from biting herself. Abby also faced difficulties in her school which made Confronti to take another step to help her.

According to Tucson News Now, Confronti has reported that she is getting support for many people as they are amazed as well as thrilled to see the effects of the oil on Abby.

Cannabis oil is legal in Georgia as it is used to treat people suffering from Crohn's disease, Lou Gehrig disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer, sickle cell, Mitochondrial disease, multiple sclerosis, and seizure disorders.

House Bill 722 is seeing to add autism along with other conditions.

"HB 722 is passed with autism as a qualifying condition. Quite frankly, I wish there were no qualifying conditions. I wish medical cannabis was available for everybody who needs it," said Conforti.

Conforti has been giving Abby Cannabis oil twice daily for 13 months and has seen a visible improvement.

According to Conforti, the first improvement she noticed is when her daughter Abby reached up to take her hand to walk into the church. She said that Abby had never done that before and that she would only stand there and play with her fingers.

Conforti understands the complications of cannabis oil and she said she is arguing it for the sake of the parents who have autistic children and other adults in Georgia who can reap benefits from the oil.

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