TRENDING Published February4, 2016 By Romeo Vasquez Jr.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 9 Spoilers And Predictions: Heat Likely To Become Next Major Villain?

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The "Dragon Ball Super" Champa saga arc has officially begun and we already have seen the fighters from both Universe 7 (Team Beerus) and Universe 6 (Team Champa), one of whom is Heat, the Cell-resembling character and whose nature the fans are really curious about.

The main question is: "Is Heat good or evil?"

Rhymestyle and Geekdom101 discussed this in a YouTube video titled "Dragon Ball Super Let's Talk: What is Frost Hiding & Is He Related To Frieza? Why Is Hit Dangerous?"

They speculated that Heat of Universe 6 may just turn out to be "Dragon Ball Super's" next major villain, right after the Champa saga arc. According to them, there is something shady and sinister about Heat. They further mentioned that it would be impossible that the current story arc will just be ending with the tournament; there could be something more and that would be Heat revealing himself as a villain.

What could turn out, according to Rhymestyle and Geekdom, is that Heat could only be using the Champa tournament to jump to Universe 7 and then cause mayhem.

A report published by Movie Pilot titled "Dragon Ball Super: Is Heat The Next Major Threat?" also discussed the character and said that looking at the character design, Heat seems to be the strongest member of Team Champa and that Heat is the most important thing from Universe 6 on the tournament.

And while Heat looks like a fusion of Cell and Cooler, Movie Pilot said that it is also possible that Heat is a Namek because it's highly possible that Namekians also exist in Universe 6, since there are also Saiyans and possible Frieza race in their universe.

The report further speculated that Heat is an anti-hero type of character. Although Cabe mentioned that they are not evil and they are employed to fight for good, he did not really mentioned who they fight against. Hence, it may be possible that Heat's race are the evil ones.

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